3 Ways To Make Your Property More Storm-Proof

Extreme weather is a significant danger to your home. Whether it’s torrential rain, lightning strikes, high winds, or something else, Mother Nature isn’t lacking in ways to make things chaotic. But although we can’t take away the randomness of the weather, we can help you ensure that your property is as prepared as possible to face whatever comes.

Step 1: Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are beautiful, but properly maintaining them is a crucial step to storm preparedness. Regularly inspect any trees on your property to ensure that they are healthy. Check for any indications of rot in the trunk or damage to the roots which could make them more prone to falling. Additionally, look up into the branches. Do any branches seem unhealthy? Are any of them broken off and dangling, just waiting to fall? If anything seems out of the ordinary, call in tree professionals. Branches can be hard to handle on your own.

Step 2: Give Your Home a Checkup

Take a quick walk around the exterior of your home and look for anything out of place. Keep an eye out for loose siding, damaged brickwork, peeling or missing shingles – anything that looks just a little bit off. Any of these could become a potential leak if the rain hits just the right way. You may be able to fix minor damage yourself, but anything major should be handled by the pros.

Step 3: Clean and Maintain Your Gutters

Dirty or damaged gutters can prevent water from draining properly in a rainstorm. When gutters can’t direct the water, it has to find somewhere to go – and often, “somewhere” ends up meaning right into your house. Cleaning gutters is simple in theory: pull out what’s clogging them and discard, repeating as often as needed. Many homeowners don’t like this task, so the service is often available from yard maintenance companies. Whenever your gutters do get cleaned, take a quick look to be sure that they’re still securely fastened to your roofline and aren’t tilted or drooping.

These three steps can help you storm-proof your home before the weather ever gets here. By minimizing the danger of falling trees and branches and maximizing the weatherproofing from gutters, siding, and roofing, you can put your property in the best position to handle whatever Mother Nature has in store.