5 Ways To Be Warmer This Winter

Winter is coming! Is your home prepared? These tips can help keep the heat in and the cold out – keeping you more comfortable and cutting down the electric bill.

1: Consider Your Curtains
You think about keeping curtains closed during the day so that light doesn’t come in and disturb you, but did you know that keeping them closed at night can help maintain your home’s temperature? Even a thin curtain can provide a surprising amount of insulation. And if you want to really take it to the next level, invest in a curtain designed with insulation in mind.

2: Don’t Get In A Front Door Jam
Doors can be very drafty. Anything that covers them, insulates them, or packs in around them can help. Curtains work well, and draft guards do a good job too.

3: Figure Out Your Furniture
How you arrange your furniture makes a big difference in how warm you feel. In general, interior walls will be warmer, and positioning your furniture closer to those interior walls will help you insulate from the cold. If you have to position furniture against outside walls, you can always place a piece of cardboard or heavy fabric behind the piece, against the wall, where it’s mostly hidden.

4: Don’t Block Your Heat Sources
Your home’s heating system has certain “points of exit” – baseboard heaters, vents, maybe even radiators. When you place items in front of these heat sources, you stop the heat from spreading through the room as effectively as it otherwise could. The net result is more energy required to produce the same amount of heat.

5: Cover Your Floors
If you’ve got wood, concrete, or vinyl flooring, you may be using more heat because these surfaces make you feel colder. Putting down a rug or spending more time in carpeted rooms insulates colder floors, keeping more heat in the room, and has an added psychological impact too. You feel warmer, and so you keep the heat down!

Any one of these tips can make a significant difference in how your home feels and functions through the winter. And as the temperature drops, that warmth becomes important for more than just your comfort: a higher internal temperature can help reduce the risk of pipes freezing, bursting, and damaging your home. Check out our guide to frozen pipes for tips designed specifically to reduce that risk. If your home is damaged by freezing or burst pipes this winter, Mammoth is here to help. We offer 24/7 emergency service at 888-495-5211 to clean up the water and dry out the affected area.