Biohazard & Trauma

When hazardous materials or biological agents need cleaning and decontamination, trust our experts to provide the thorough, careful service you deserve.

Count on Mammoth to Make Cleanup Easy for You

Dealing with possible biological contamination can be a concerning unknown: you’re unfamiliar with what needs to be done to decontaminate and safely handle the materials – and to make it worse, you may be handling the aftermath of a terrible loss at the same time. Let Mammoth take all concerns about appropriate cleanup off your shoulders. Our team of trained professionals is expert at what they do, knowledgeable about the protective equipment and protocols needed, and ready to respond quickly to help you get back to normal fast.

Comprehensive Services

  • Complete cleaning of items and rooms
  • Thorough decontamination
  • Secure and appropriate disposal of unsalvageable items
  • Documentation and photo record of all items
  • Full service repair and reconstruction if needed

Compassion, Caring, Cleaning

Ensuring the highest standards of cleaning and decontamination is a given. Our team understands that biohazard and trauma cleanup has to go beyond that. After a trauma, cleanup requires more than just a knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Our staff will work hard to ensure that the entire process is as easy for you as we can make it. We have helped many property owners through sensitive and difficult cleanups. We can work on tight timelines. We stand ready to help you too.

Office and cleaning staff have been so helpful — answering questions, returning calls and walking me through this process. I greatly appreciate your help. – L.R.