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A Quick Guide to Winterizing your Home


Summer is coming to a close, and the colder weather of fall is a brisk reminder of what comes next: winter. Start to prepare now, and you can help keep your home safe no matter what kind of weather this winter brings. Change your furnace filters (and check your furnace). Clogged filters not only fail […]

3 Ways To Make Your Property More Storm-Proof


Extreme weather is a significant danger to your home. Whether it’s torrential rain, lightning strikes, high winds, or something else, Mother Nature isn’t lacking in ways to make things chaotic. But although we can’t take away the randomness of the weather, we can help you ensure that your property is as prepared as possible to […]

What’s That Water?


Finding unexpected water in your home is never fun. But did you know that not all water is the same? Depending on the source of the water and how long it’s been sitting, different precautions need to be taken to ensure that everything is completely dry and safe for you and your family. Category 1: […]

How to Stop a Grease Fire


When cooking with oil or greasy meat, there’s always the possibility of the grease igniting. Here’s how to prevent a grease fire from ruining more than just your dinner. Grease Fire Dos Put on oven mitts to protect your hands. Eliminate the heat source by turning off the stove or grill. If possible, put out […]

Summer Grill Safety


Nicer weather is coming, and that means grilling season! We can’t help you become a grill master overnight, but these tips can definitely help you make sure that your grill is running safely and is ready to be a great tool for family fun rather than a potential fire hazard. Basic Tips Watch the grill […]

De-winterizing Your Home for Spring


The weather is slowly getting warmer. The sun’s out a little bit more. Is your home ready? Preparing your home for summertime is just as important as preparing it for winter. There are many different things that will need your attention both indoors and outside to ensure that your home is safe and functional for […]

What To Do If A Heavy Rainstorm Happens


When you think of winter storms, you usually think of snow. But especially this winter, rainstorms have been more common than you’d think. As we head into spring (possible snow this weekend aside), rainstorms are going to get more and more common. Knowing how to handle and prevent damage from them is essential now that […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Home


It’s a new year – a time to reflect and make changes, a time to get ready for the months ahead. But with all the great resolutions that are made around now, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important: the resolution to make sure your home and your property are protected in the […]