Broken Pipe

The Situation

During the middle of winter a baseboard hot water line in the middle of the house burst. The water poured in and froze, damaging most of the one-story house and the unfinished basement. Because the damage was so extensive, it was necessary to pack up and remove almost all of the furniture and other belongings that the homeowners had in the residence.

Our Solution

Mammoth was able to respond quickly and start getting things dried out. There were a lot of personal belongings, furniture, and other contents of the home that were wet and required cleaning and drying in order to restore them. We were able to complete the work, and then to store those items while the house itself was repaired. The home required fairly extensive demolition in order to access the structure and dry it out properly. Once the home was dry again, the Mammoth construction team took care of all the interior work, rebuilding the home so it looked as it did before the flood.