Well Pump Switch Malfunction

The Situation

When a long, slow water leak was discovered beneath the kitchen sink in this house, Mammoth’s initial water damage scope revealed microbial growth and significant wetness. The cabinets, floor, subfloor, and walls in the finished basement beneath the kitchen were all affected – and the homeowners had an anniversary party scheduled in less than 48 hours. Mammoth worked with the homeowner and coordinated with the homeowner’s insurance company to develop an action plan to address the water damage and the microbial growth.

Our Solution

Mammoth was able to quickly remove areas of concentrated microbial growth and stabilize the area, ensuring that the anniversary party could go on with minimal interruption while mitigation work was ongoing. We were able to overcome difficult drying conditions, including a completely saturated wet subfloor and the presence of the microbial growth. Once the structure was dry, we started the water damage repair process. We worked with the homeowner to accommodate their schedule, including a trip overseas. Mammoth restored the affected area completely, returning it to its lovely pre-loss condition.