Deep Thoughts

Survey Says…

Everyone has an opinion, and Mammoth wants to hear yours. We believe clients’ opinions are our secret weapon in our quest to become the best mitigation and restoration company around. We love feedback. We encourage it. We thrive on it. Good or bad, honest input from our customers is one of the best ways we […]

Safe Keeping

No one expects an accident. If you are lucky, you will never have to endure the devastation of a loss to home and property, never have to contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Of course, not expecting an accident is different than preparing for one – just ask any Boy Scout. There are […]

Share and Share Alike

Mammoth is a growing company with 4 locations across Pennsylvania and offices in New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and Arizona. We have a staff with tons of experience with all kinds of water damage – and offices that work together to cross-train and share knowledge. This winter has been an odd one, with storms wreaking havoc […]

We Hear You!

Recently, we were contacted to do a dry down job for a home owner — let’s call her Mrs. X. After many years, her home had developed a leaky roof, sending rainwater into the residence. In a follow up VAS call (see Blog: A VASt Difference), where we check in to see how things are […]

You’ve Got This Covered

Before I began working at Mammoth, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how insurance worked: If you had a fire, they gave you money to fix what was damaged. If you got robbed, they gave you money to replace the stolen items. And … that was about it, right? My time here […]

The Mammoth Way

When it comes to mishaps and misfortune, no one is immune: Since the beginning of the year, four of our own employees have turned into Mammoth clients, thanks to leaky pipes and mechanical malfunctions in their abodes. For them, the bad news is that their homes and the contents have been compromised. But the good […]