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Creature Features

As the saying goes, “truth is stranger than fiction,” and that is especially evident to those of us in the mitigation and restoration business. In fact, animal-related incidents – and in particular, animal cleanup – may be the source of most of our oddest jobs. Here are some of our strangest true-life tales: A business […]

Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring time. The warmer temperatures encourage us back outside, enticed by the heavenly scents of the hyacinth and the lilac. Our world is finally vivid with color — the blue skies, the green grass, the yellow daffodils – instead of the brown, gray and white tones of winter. It is also the time of […]

Wait…You Can Do What??

Prior to working at Mammoth, I had no idea that restoration companies existed. I thought if a water pipe burst and flooded your finished basement, then you were out of luck! You’d better grab a shop vac and use up one of your sacred vacation days because you were going to be busy sucking up […]