We Hear You!

Recently, we were contacted to do a dry down job for a home owner — let’s call her Mrs. X. After many years, her home had developed a leaky roof, sending rainwater into the residence. In a follow up VAS call (see Blog: A VASt Difference), where we check in to see how things are going, imagine our surprise when Mrs. X shared with us that she almost did not choose Mammoth to the dry down work.

It seems that years earlier, Mammoth had done work for Mrs. X and, although the workers were pleasant enough, a miscommunication during the process made things go a little sideways. Because Mrs. X believed everyone deserves a second chance, she gave Mammoth one — and we are proud to report that Mrs. X is now a cheerleader Mammoth customer. As Mrs. X reports, her most recent experience with Mammoth was a decidedly positive one. The work that was being done was explained by the technicians; Business cards with the lead technician and team coordinator’s contact information were left on site; Calls were being made to let the her know when the technician would be out; Emails were being sent with schedules and updates on the progress being made on the job; A customer service advocate was assigned to her job to ensure the process would run smoothly. The internal work Mammoth did over the past few years regarding protocol and processes to make communication a key factor on all of jobs was obvious to Mrs. X.

What Mrs. X may not know is that she – and all of our clients — are the reason why Mammoth is able to make changes and improvements. We ask for surveys to be returned on EVERY job — because we want to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. We assign EVERY job an advocate — because we want to make sure that customer’s needs are being met throughout the process. We exchange information amongst our staff and branches – because want to share what is working, what is not. We not only encourage honest feedback – good and bad –but when we get it, we listen.

Mammoth is not perfect, but we work hard to be great. And stories like Mrs. X’s let us know we are on our way.