The Mammoth Way

When it comes to mishaps and misfortune, no one is immune: Since the beginning of the year, four of our own employees have turned into Mammoth clients, thanks to leaky pipes and mechanical malfunctions in their abodes. For them, the bad news is that their homes and the contents have been compromised. But the good news is that they also know, firsthand, that a company like Mammoth exists to help.

The actual work Mammoth does – drying out wet basements, mitigating smoke damage, finding the leaky pipes – can be a lot like other a mitigation and restoration companies. The truth is, the technical stuff is the “easy” part – the hard part is the part you can’t train anyone to do: to care. What sets us apart from the others in our industry is that we are a company that passionately cares about the work we do, while expressing heartfelt compassion for our customers and their plight.

Of course, we care about the work we are doing, and our technicians are knowledgeable in their craft. But workmanship is just a part of the whole package that our team offers. Our brand is built on customer satisfaction, and that is what makes Mammoth different. We let you know that you are a priority. We value your time. We respect your home and property. We pay attention to the details. We go the extra mile, always. We are courteous and flexible, helpful and kind. From the first day on the job until the last, you are treated as if you matter — because you do.

Compassion is the culture at Mammoth – our team lives it every day. So in the past few weeks, as our own team members have turned to Mammoth for help, they know they are in good hands and will receive A+ service. They will receive special treatment and attention — not because they are members of our Mammoth family, but because that is the Mammoth way.