Safe Keeping

No one expects an accident. If you are lucky, you will never have to endure the devastation of a loss to home and property, never have to contact your insurance agent to file a claim.

Of course, not expecting an accident is different than preparing for one – just ask any Boy Scout. There are ways you can protect yourself as much as possible should the unthinkable happen to you and your home:

Ensure with Insurance: Make sure your insurance policy is up-to-date as far as what your home is worth, what valuables you have and their approximate worth/replacement value. Make photos of the most valuable and irreplaceable items, including serial numbers if applicable.

Bank on it: Rent a lock box at your bank to keep all important papers, including wedding and birth certificates, car pink slips, passports and legal documents (such as wills and powers-of-attorney).

Copy that: Invest in a fire safe to keep photocopies of all important papers held in your bank lock box, as well as copies of your Driver’s License, your credit cards. You may also want to keep copies of favorite family photos.

Think high and dry: Water can cause just as much damage to paper as a flame – causing documents to disintegrate, signatures to smear, and photos to stick to each other. To keep important papers safe, store in plastic, lidded totes and store the totes on top of pallets or 2”x 4”s to keep them elevated in case of a flood.

Capture the moment: Though it may be a hassle, taking weeks and several dollars in the process, most important documents can eventually be replaced. Family keepsakes and photos most likely cannot. For photos, consider keeping copies in the Cloud, or create digital downloads that can be saved to the lock box or fire safe.

Mammoth staff are trained to preserve, restore and salvage as much as they can when they are called to the scene, but unfortunately, some items are beyond saving. So a few minutes spent taking these precautions may save your piece of mind and precious content — walls can be rebuilt, but a lifetime of memories are not so easily replaced.