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Mammoth is a growing company with 4 locations across Pennsylvania and offices in New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and Arizona. We have a staff with tons of experience with all kinds of water damage – and offices that work together to cross-train and share knowledge.

This winter has been an odd one, with storms wreaking havoc across the southern and eastern parts of Pennsylvania, while the spots normally hardest hit — the Northern and Western tiers – are experiencing atypically warmer weather. In particular, the Lancaster and Doylestown areas were deluged with calls from homeowners whose roofs were suffering from ice damming, not a problem that they typically saw very much in winters past.

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of the roof, preventing the water created by the melting snow from draining properly. Instead, the water backs up behind the ridge, forcing it to leak into the home, and causing internal water damage. Ice damming is something that the Erie office became very familiar with during last winter’s snow falls, but not something that our southern-most branches — Lancaster and Doylestown – had seen all that much.
Thanks to methods tried and true by the Erie team, the Lancaster and Doylestown crews were able to take care of the ice damming issues quickly and successfully. This is a recent example of how Mammoth is different than other restoration companies: We not only work well with homeowners, insurance agents and adjusters, but with one another and between the branches.

Our team members are a valuable resource to us. Between our branches, there is bound to be someone who has seen and done it when it comes to a claim. And because we are one big, happy extended family, it’s easy to reach out and tap into that wealth of experience. The assistance we are able to provide amongst the branches in not only man power and equipment, but actual experience with a type of job and how to best approach the clean-up and restoration, is an incredible asset – one that a newer or smaller company would not be able to provide.

So while we may not always agree on whether Philadelphia or Pittsburgh has the best NFL team (Go Steelers!), our team comes together when it counts – making Mammoth the best one-stop restoration company.