Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring time. The warmer temperatures encourage us back outside, enticed by the heavenly scents of the hyacinth and the lilac. Our world is finally vivid with color — the blue skies, the green grass, the yellow daffodils – instead of the brown, gray and white tones of winter.

It is also the time of renewal and new beginnings, which may be what causes many to partake of the annual ritual of spring cleaning. It is always nice to get rid of unwanted items, straighten up your living space and start the season fresh, but you may be performing another service you may not even be aware of.

Clutter can also clutter up an insurance claim. Here’s how:

  • More content = more mess: If a pipe bursts, most paper items – such as cardboard boxes, office supplies — will not be salvageable. Items saturated with water are heavy and harder to move. Wet items can discolor carpet, furniture and walls. If there is a fire, more content means more items to clean up or dispose of.
  • More content = more time: Besides disposing of unsalvageable items, the technician may need to move any unaffected content – such as those stored in plastic bins – to another area in order to treat the affected area. Personal items may need to be repackaged and moved offsite for storage, and those items will need to be documented. Any unsalvageable content will also need to be inventoried for submission to the insurance company for reimbursement. The longer a job takes to clean up, the longer it will be before the client’s home is restored.
  • More content = more money: All of that extra time adds up to a higher bill in equipment, labor and replacement costs. The equation is simple — The more content, the longer dry down or cleaning time may take, so the longer equipment is on site; the more content, the longer technicians are on site moving, disposing of and cataloging content; and the more content there is, the more there is to damage, which results in a higher number of lost items that will need to be replaced.

So there’s no time like the present to start cleaning the clutter in your home. Not only may you make a few bucks at the neighborhood yard sale by unloading your unwanted items, but you will be minimizing the inconvenience and cost should April showers bring May flowers … and a sewage back up.