Survey Says…

Everyone has an opinion, and Mammoth wants to hear yours. We believe clients’ opinions are our secret weapon in our quest to become the best mitigation and restoration company around.

We love feedback. We encourage it. We thrive on it. Good or bad, honest input from our customers is one of the best ways we learn and grow as a business. That is why throughout the claim, we actively pursue input from our clients. We truly want to know: How are we doing? How can we make their experience better?

The Value Added Service call, or VAS, is one way we solicit the homeowners’ opinion. Our customer service advocate phones the homeowner when the work begins, and then makes “check-in” calls with the client through the job. The VAS helps us establish and maintain customer satisfaction throughout the job. (For more on the VAS calls, see A VASt Difference).

Another way we seek input from our clients is with our survey. At the end of each job, every client is asked to complete a two-question survey. On the first part of the survey, the homeowners get to rate their experience with Mammoth from 0 to 10; the second part of the survey is a commentary section where the homeowners may elaborate on the rating given. The results of the surveys are then shared with the entire company – every team member at every branch including the owners. Positive returns let us know what we are doing right and less favorable results tell us what we could be doing better.

Mammoth takes all comments to heart and the candid feedback our customers so generously provide is an invaluable tool to aid us in our mission to be the best at what we do – from dry downs to content cleaning and repairs – in our goal to be your #1 choice for mitigation and restoration services. Sometimes that may mean staying the course, sometimes it requires making a tweak here and there to better our process. But rest assured, the one thing that will never change: Our ongoing commitment to make your experience with Mammoth a great one.