A VASt Difference

Have you ever been unhappy with the service you received – the coffee was lukewarm and not hot? Or maybe the sweater you ordered was salmon pink and what shows up is fuchsia? Or it is now 2 p.m. and the cable guy who was supposed to show up between 8 a.m. and noon has still not shown up? When you get frustrated with how you have been treated, do you do anything about it?

A lot of folks don’t want to rock the boat and are hesitant to complain, wanting to avoid being seen as a problem and shying away from possible confrontation. All they can do is grumble or stew about their poor treatment

Mammoth takes customer service very seriously – our motto is to Get It Right. Of course, it is easy to say we care, but we are proving it too, with the VAS (Value Added Service) call.

VAS is something that sets Mammoth apart from the competition and worlds ahead in the service arena. The way it works is EVERY customer, whether they’re dealing with a small leak, a wet basement, or a whole house remodel, is assigned an advocate — a point of contact for the customer. The advocate, whose only goal is to make sure that the property owner has a great experience with Mammoth, periodically calls to check in — the VAS. The VAS starts as soon as Mammoth starts the project and continues for the duration of the property damage repair work. During the VAS, the customer is encouraged to provide honest feedback – good and bad – to the advocate. The advocate then in turn works with the production team to resolve any issues that may pop up during the job. The property owners do not have to be concerned about hurting the feelings of the technicians, nor suffer in silence. The VAS gives them a voice, and the Mammoth team, a chance to achieve the ultimate goal: Great work and a happy Mammoth customer.  And a salmon pink sweater.