Wait…You Can Do What??

Prior to working at Mammoth, I had no idea that restoration companies existed. I thought if a water pipe burst and flooded your finished basement, then you were out of luck! You’d better grab a shop vac and use up one of your sacred vacation days because you were going to be busy sucking up water and drying out your furniture in hopes that mold would not come to roost in the ensuing weeks.

Now I know better — that Mammoth is there to do the mitigation and restoration for me. While water and fire cleanups may be the obvious reasons to make a call to Mammoth, they are not the only kind of jobs Mammoth and its team of experts are qualified to handle.

Some examples of the other services that Mammoth Restoration can and have helped with include:

  • Scent-sations – Our certified technicians — using state-of-art specialized equipment — have successfully deodorized home overwhelmed by stinky smells ranging from skunk to cigarette smoke.
  • Drive-ins – Mammoth has been asked to assist on what seems like an inordinate number of cars hitting structures — ranging from drunk drivers plowing through fences and homes, to homeowners crashing into their own garages and carports. From large to small mishaps, our construction team has handled it all!
  • Crazy clean-ups – Hoarder havens, bat guano and the dusty debris left by fire extinguishers are just some of the unusual jobs we have been called on to tidy up over the years.
  • Scandalous vandals – Our technicians have restored buildings, sidewalks, fences and the interior walls marred by hoodlums acting out with a can of spray paint.
  • Delicate matters – Mammoth has been called to assist at many trauma claims, including crime scenes and deaths. Our team handles these jobs professionally, tending to the proper clean up and disposal of biohazardous materials, while always remaining sensitive to the client’s loss and special needs.

Chances are that however odd your think your needs may be when it comes to cleaning and restoration, our experienced Mammoth team has seen it – and done it – all. So save those vacation days for better things than soaking up sewage leaks and shoveling up bat poop, and give Mammoth a call today!