Stay Safe when Heavy Snow Happens

We talk a lot about hazards like cold (which can lead to frozen pipes) and snow melt (which can lead to ice dams) because of the potential damage to your home. But today we’re going to talk about something a lot more well-known: snow, and all the things you can do to protect against the potential dangers it can bring.

One Snowfall, Many Hazards

Heavy snow can really create havoc on the roads when it falls, but it does more than just make driving difficult. It can create slippery walkways, leading to injury. It can block access to necessary goods and services. It can potentially cause motorists to become stranded in cold weather. And in some cases, it can even cause stress and strain on the roof of your home, leading to leaks and structural problems.

Prepare Before The Snow Hits

  • Build your winter weather kit. It’s never too late to get started – even right before the first big storm, you can still stock up.
  • Get the survival essentials. Travel is often hard when the biggest storms hit, and heavy snow can easily knock out power. Stock up on nonperishable foods that don’t need to be cooked (think canned goods) and bottled water.

Once The Storm Hits, be Snow Smart

  • When the storm arrives, stay put if you can. The best way to drive safely in a big snowstorm is to avoid it entirely. Stay with your supplies, sheltered inside a building, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Dress for the occasion. If you do need to go outside, make sure you wear warm clothes. Just throwing on a bunch of layers isn’t necessarily enough: waterproof and windproof materials make a big difference when you’re out in a windy, wet snow storm.
  • If you intend to remove snow from your roof, be safe. Removing the weight of heavy snow from your roof can help prevent a possible roof collapse, but only if you are careful to remove that snow in a safe manner. Never step out onto a roof covered in snow; instead, use a snow removal roof rake.
  • Heat your home safely. Read and understand all instructions for heaters and other sources of warmth. Make sure that no heat source is ever too close to anything flammable. Never leave a fireplace or other open flame burning unattended.

Winter weather can be unpredictable, but by taking steps to prepare yourself and your home, you can be well equipped to handle anything that mother nature can throw at you.

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