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Agents and Adjusters: Knowing the Difference

Having insurance is a blessing when tragedy strikes, but it can be a confusing process. From calling in your claim, to getting it accepted, there are two key players you will be dealing with from the insurance company: Your agent and your adjuster. Each serves a different purpose in the claims process, so here are some tips for knowing who is who and understanding exactly what they do.


Insurance Agents

The agent is the person who sold you your insurance policy and someone who has probably been in touch with you over the years. As a representative of an insurance company, agents will reach out to new and existing clients in order to grow their customer base.  Agents work with potential clients to match insurance policies to their specific needs while making sure your policies remain current.

Agents – During a Loss:

  • Your agent will report your claim to the insurance company’s claims department.
  • He/she may even check in with you to see how things are going.
  • Your agent does not determine what, if anything, will be covered by your policy.


Insurance Adjuster

In the event of a loss, an adjuster will be assigned to your claim by the claims department.  It’s important to note that adjusters work for the insurance company and not your specific agent or agency.

Adjusters – During a Loss

  • The adjuster will be assigned to assess the damage.
  • Adjusters interpret your insurance policy and determine if your claim is covered.
  • If your claim is covered, adjusters will negotiate an approved scope of work with your restoration contractor.
  • Adjusters will ultimately approve and authorize the insurance funds to be released in order to pay for the damages.


Dealing with an insurance claim is always a stressful situation and knowing when to file a claim or not is equally important. At Mammoth Restoration, we’re here to help you through your water, mold or fire damage as well as the insurance claims process. We work closely with agents and adjusters alike to make sure that you are back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Insurance Agents vs Adjuster
Insurance Agents vs Adjuster