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Coronavirus Cleaning – Demand of Supplies & Contractors

It’s no surprise that our country is taking preventative measures left and right to help mitigate the contraction and spread of Covid-19.  At Mammoth Restoration, we’ve been fielding call after call for coronavirus cleaning services in Pennsylvania and beyond.  Schools, universities, airports, hospitals, churches and more are all actively seeking and creating their plans of action in this crazy time, but what happens when everyone needs cleaning services at the same time?  Can the industry keep up with the demand?




While social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all had viral posts showing us the empty shelves that previously housed toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  Proven effective products against the human coronavirus like Benefect and Shockwave that are used in fogging treatments are becoming extremely hard to come by for restoration companies.  Tyvek suits, gloves, protective masks, and P100 filters for respirators are even harder to get.  The immediate demand and shortage of these products present challenges for not only restoration contractors like Mammoth Restoration but also medical professionals and facilities that are there to help our communities and loved ones.



Mammoth Restoration Coronavirus PPE Gear
Mammoth Restoration PPE Gear

Combined with a shortage of supplies, access to trained contractors will present a unique challenge to business owners and facility managers that are looking to take preventative measures or reopen after government-imposed closures.  The fallout in waiting for proper cleaning services could spell trouble for businesses already missing out on lost revenue and a squeeze on cash flow.  We’ve seen many businesses reserving cleaning and coronavirus fogging treatments for their facilities with a deposit.


How Does This Affect Mammoth Restoration?

At Mammoth Restoration, our technicians are seasoned in the cleanup, containment, and disposal processes that go along with MRSA, Staph, and other Pathogens as well as crime-scene and bodily fluid cleanup.  We always maintain an inventory of these products in our warehouses and are ready to act for you and your business.

However, if the current inquiries and call volume are telling of what we can expect in the near future.  We predict that many contractors will have a challenging time ahead for meeting the cleaning and sanitization demands of our communities.


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