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Mammoth Restoration’s New Esporta Wash System

Mammoth is excited to announce the newest tool added to our Contents Division. Actually, forget the tool, this is a whole toolbox! When dealing with a loss, some textile items can be washed in commercial-grade washers by using special formulated detergents. Then there are other items that need to be dry cleaned because they cannot be exposed to water-based cleaning techniques. However, there are a significant number of textile items that fall in between. Leather jackets, shoes, stuffed animals, sports equipment and, even saddles – WAIT, WHAT? Yes, saddles!

This is where Mammoth Restoration’s new Esporta Wash System steps up to the plate and separates us from other restoration contractors that provide “some” content cleaning services.

Esporta Washing System
Esporta Washing System – Explained

What is the Esporta Wash System?

The Esporta Wash System is a chamber wash system that is designed to clean over 90% of soft contents and textiles affected by category 2 & 3 water damage, heavy smoke & soot, trauma damage, and more. The Esporta does not use the traditional methods used by restoration dry cleaners. Instead of traditional agitation cleaning, the Esporta utilizes Hydraulic Action. Contents are placed in the chambers, which hold the contents in place, and then rotated through the detergents. Think of it as gently submerging the contents in and out of the detergent, over and over agai.. This results in less damage than agitation cleaning and actually produces food-grade clean results.  

Textiles to be cleaned from Fire Loss
Textiles in Need of Cleaning after a Fire Loss


Mammoth – the Best Option for Textile Restoration

Textiles Being Sorted at Mammoth Restoration
Textiles Being Sorted at Mammoth Restoration

So why use Mammoth instead of a restoration dry cleaner?  Let’s look at the differences:

  1. Cat 2 & 3 contaminations – IICRC requires that a dry cleaner must have a lab proven process to restore items contaminated by Cat 2 & 3 water. The Esporta is already lab proven to restore Cat 2 & 3, as well as, mold to food-grade safe levels using organic sanitizers
  2. Restoration Dry Cleaners use traditional tumbling/agitation technology that limits types of items that they can process without damaging. The Esporta holds items secure in the chambers allowing for the processing of ceramic dolls and cushions. 
  3. Restoration Dry Cleaning typically have to employ ozone or hydroxyls to combat odors after laundering. The Esporta require very little, if any, deodorizing post-processing, due to ECO-friendly and organic detergents used in the system. 


Why Mammoth?

Mammoth is on the cutting edge of technology and processes in the restoration industry and specifically in contents. Restoration dry cleaners do not have access to the Esporta system, so you will not find this technology in national restoration dry cleaning networks. We look forward to showing you how much more Mammoth Restoration can restore more than restoration dry cleaners!

Content Cleaning Mammoth Restoration
Content Cleaning Mammoth Restoration