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Jill Waterhouse: Celebrating 10 Years

It gives me great pleasure to announce Jill Waterhouse’s 10th Anniversary with Mammoth. Jill is our first Team Member to be here over 10 years.

What I have really grown to appreciate about Jill is her willingness to adapt to change,  which was hard for her, and her ferocious Mama Bear focus on protecting the company. She embodies our values of urgency, dependability, open and honesty, truthfulness, grit, respect, trust.

She is always looking for the good in people and has been incredibly helpful in my personal development of praising people, more often.

I can’t imagine a day at Mammoth without Jill.

Interesting fact. Although I created the business, Jill has actually worked here longer than me.

– Mike Bevilacqua – Cheif Culture Officer



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