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Summer Parties Happen. Don’t Let Them Be Summer Fires.

Summer parties are so much fun! You’ve got friends and family around, you light up the grill and start a campfire…but unless you take care to follow safety rules, that great time can turn dangerous fast. 

Grilling Gone Wrong

On July 4th, a grill caused a massive fire at a large apartment complex. The blaze surged through the building, causing damage, making all the apartments uninhabitable, and leaving the 40 residents with no place to stay.

Mammoth was called out to the scene by the property manager on the night of the blaze. The building can be repaired, and in time it will be livable again. Thankfully, there was no loss of life. But the people who lived there have lost so much, and all because of an accident.

This and other fires like it are why it’s so important to take every safety precaution with a grill, BBQ, or campfire.

Fun Party, Not-So-Fun Dangers

What’s so dangerous at a summer party? The answer is pretty simple: open flames, or more specifically, your grill and your campfire.

For Your Grill:

  • Check before you light. Never just light up your grill. Check the connection between propane tank and fuel line and make sure there’s nothing flammable on the burners.
  • Don’t create fire hazards. Keep the grill away from the house so the heat doesn’t create problems. Make sure that when you get rid of any coals, you wet them down and stir until they’re out.

For Your Campfire:

  • Make a fire only in a safe area. Stay away from dry grass, dry leaves, and low branches that could catch fire. Use an existing fire pit or make a new one.
  • Keep it under control. Don’t let the fire get out of hand. Make sure you have something in easy reach to help smother it and put it out quickly if necessary.
  • Put it out when you’re done. Make sure the fire is completely out. Throw a lot of water on it and shovel dirt on top of that.

Whenever you’ve got a grill or campfire going, stay with it. You can’t always know when it’s going to flare up or have some other unexpected problem. Being there to catch it can mean the difference between minor hassle and big problem.

Handling a Flare-up:

If your grill or campfire does start to get out of control and flares up, close the lid. Closing the lid is an effective way to stop a fire. Just be careful: if the flames are already too high and you can’t safely put the lid on, don’t do it.

What To Do If The Worst Happens:

If you do have a fire or any other emergency at your summer party, your first step should be to call 911. If there is any kind of property damage, call Mammoth Restoration & Construction. We’ve helped many homeowners when outdoor grilling or campfires go wrong, and we can help you as well.