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Team Member of the Month: May 2019 Manny Munoz

All spring, we kept hearing Manny’s name pop up from many different people throughout the company. Through asking around and observing more, we feel he is one of the most deserving TMOM’s we’ve ever had. Manny has taken it upon himself to help guide and train some of our newer Mitigation Team Members. He’s been proactive, by making more site visits as the mitigation is going on to help inspect and offer suggestions that lead to the delivery of great quality service.

Manny has done a great job with the “1 on 1 Notes,” he’s given to his team and maintained a balanced approach when handing out appreciation and constructive criticism. His leadership has been validated twice; one with the feedback that his team gave about his leadership, but also by getting multiple TMOM nominations in consecutive months.

We’ve been very impressed with Manny’s “Ownership Thinking” and looking at ways to help the company, even in aspects that are not directly in his job description. He has responded to after-hours calls to help our customers and helped the mitigation team when they’ve experienced heavy volume due to recent storms. He exemplifies what a team player is: “Doing whatever it takes to not let his team down and offer help without being asked”.

Thank you Manny aka Munoz de Hernandez!



Interested in learning a little more about Manny?  We recently asked Manny a few questions about working at Mammoth as well as some odd-ball questions.



Congrats on winning Team Member of the Month for May 2019. How do you feel?

It’s nice to be recognized by the team you do your best to lead. They are the ones that put forth the work to make my life easier in an urgent and fast pace environment. This makes me want to be even better at my job.

What’s something you’re looking to accomplish or do in the next year? (Personally and Professionally)

I am always setting short term goals that lead to my long term goals. Professionally I would like more decision making responsibility. Personally, I would like to have enough success to make my family comfortable.

What’s your favorite song?

I am a musician ( guitar and bass player) it is impossible to determine a favorite type of music or song. From NWA to Cat Country 96 I love music.

Where do you see Mammoth Restoration in 5 Years?

Growing to somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 branches .

What do you plan to do with the $250.00 Team Member of The Month Bonus?

This is coming at a perfect time and it is going towards my son Mason’s college books.

In a challenge between you and fellow Project Manager Alex Vigh who wins in the following:

A Race to put in 10 nails. (w/ hammer)

He has no chance and I smell a challenge on video coming.

Sawing through a 4×4 (w/ handsaw)

He would only because he is the only one nowadays who would use a handsaw to cut a 4×4.

Favorite Quote?

“Only those bold enough to chase dreams are the ones who catch them.“-Vince McMahon

What do you like most about your job at Mammoth?
The restoration business is extremely fulfilling. I like being the one to make the introduction into the process of getting their home back. Also putting the right people for certain tasks and achieving a good finished product.

What’s the best concert you ever attended?

Crosby , Stills , Nash, and Young

If you had one superpower what would it be?

Power of Healing !!!!

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

I love my house and my land. My chickens and Animals, family and wildlife make it my favorite place. I know that’s simple but it’s true.

Any Thank You’s?

I was new to this roll in the beginning of this year. Many team members were vital in me getting started. Mike Heath and Todd Thompson up at state college in the very beginning. As months went on, Alex Vigh has helped me out with any types of questions I had or still have. Sometimes I run into tough situations and Scott Fry has given good guidance and direction leading to a resolution. Lastly the group of carpenters Kevin Gruber, Jason Moll, Ron Chantolfosky and Harley Miller. This team knows their stuff and lifts each other up. They maintain their quality almost to a fault. They always answer the call when extra help is needed. For all these things I am thankful to everyone !!!



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