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Textile Restoration on Insurance Claims

At Mammoth, we know that each claim is different from the next and each has its own level of complexity. From the simple supply line leak to the whole house fire loss – every claim requires it’s own unique approach.  From years of conversations with insurance representatives, we know a huge area of concern, and quite frankly a stressful situation is dealing with contents on a claim. We have heard how much time, energy, stress, and frustration this causes. This is why Mammoth Restoration has it’s own stand-alone Contents Division.  


Textiles are a Large Portion of Claims

However, that’s not enough. Within the contents of the home there is a wide array of material and restoration methods used to get a customer’s items back to pre-loss condition, and in some cases – even better condition. The restoration of “soft goods,” or what we refer to as textiles, is rapidly becoming a larger part of the content claims.  Textiles have grown to represent roughly 35% of the total contents within a home and in many cases, the textiles are the largest part of a claim. 


Textiles Being Cleaned by Mammoth Restoration
Textiles Being Cleaned by Mammoth Restoration

Textile Restoration Provides Cost Savings

You may be asking yourself, “ok, so what does that mean for me?” Well, if 35% of every contents portion of a claim is textiles – the restoration or replacement of those items will have a huge impact on a claim. We are talking about serious impacts. Textile replacement values are significantly higher than the cleaning costs. This results in the insurance carrier spending boatloads of money to replace textiles, just because they may not be aware of a better alternative. In some case studies from jobs performed, we were able to give the carrier a savings of $10k-$15k  per claim just by restoring textiles that would otherwise be written off and replaced. However, that is just the tangible savings. 


Textile Restoration and Customer Satisfaction

From a customer service standpoint, this saves the customer hours and hours of online shopping and replacing designer goods. Additionally, according to a 2011 J.D. Power and Associates study, a higher satisfaction rating from a customer standpoint results in 69% of insured renewing coverage and 65% of insureds recommending the carrier to family and friends. That is huge from a sales and customer retention rate!


Why Mammoth?

Mammoth can help you deliver excellent customer service to your insured and help save those sentimental pieces of clothing or other items in a wardrobe that customers have spent years attaining. Below you will find a few items that Mammoth Restoration utilizes to bring a new level of customer satisfaction in textile restoration:

  • ContentsTrack Inventory software that ensures we track every thread of clothing and textiles.
  • Textile processing area uniquely designed to address the needs and nuances of textile restoration.
  • Commercial Grade Washing with a customized formulation based on the type of loss and contaminates. 
  • Commercial Grade Drying designed to adhere to specific humidity levels to protect against over-drying or shrinking.
  • Esporta Wash System designed to restore stuffed animals, leather jackets, handbags, shoes, etc. The Esporta Wash System can even take textiles that were affected in category 2 and 3 losses and restore them to food-grade safe levels!


With the Contents portion of a claim being such a hot topic, why choose any other solution for your Contents needs. Mammoth will deliver a wonderful experience for your insured during a time of uncertainty and fear. We will do the heavy lifting and make the process as stress-free as possible.  We will save our customers content and give them back something that simply can’t be replaced….their time! We look forward to helping you be the hero and serving your insured in their time of need. 

Content Cleaning at Mammoth Restoration
Content Cleaning at Mammoth Restoration