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Background Checks

All Mammoth Team Members Are Background Checked

Security For Those That Need It Most

At Mammoth Restoration, we know that safety and security is top of mind for you with your business, employees, customers, and especially in your home.  That’s why we run and maintain background checks on all Mammoth team members before employment.  When catastrophes happen safety and security can become an after-thought when looking for help, but we’re here to let you know it doesn’t have to be.


Schools face an evolving and unique set of threats, hazards and security challenges to prevent targeted violence and keep their students and faculty safe.  Rest assured that responding Mammoth Restoration team members are vetted and have clearances ready to be shared.


Sensitive documents & confidential information – we understand!  When looking for a contractor in government facilities, you need more than just response time, fast turnaround, and quality work.  You need someone you can trust and we’re your perfect partner.

Medical Facilities

For those entering a hospital or healthcare facility, security concerns over those working in your facility should be the least of their worries.  Mammoth offers peace of mind for your patients, faculty and caregivers.

Access To Clearances at a Tap

Using NFC Technology (Near Field Communication), Mammoth Team Members can share their clearances, contact information and helpful information with you and your team in a matter of seconds.

How Does It Work?

Each Mammoth Team Member has a “Digital Business Card” that can transfer unique information when the card is tapped on the back of your mobile device.  This information can be easily emailed and sent through text in case you need to have the information on file.

Step 1: Ask a Mammoth Team Member for his specific clearances

Step 2: The Mammoth Team Members will use their digital business card to share their specific contact info, useful information and links to their background checks.

Step 3: You can then view and/or choose to send that information to yourself for documentation.


What Is NFC Technology?

NFC Technology stands for Near Field Communication.  This is the same technology that you may find in your debit or credit cards and your favorite business payment terminal. NFC offers a low-speed connection to wirelessly transfer information over a distance of 1.5″ or less.



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