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Mammoth Moments

Vinny McCroy – Team Member Spotlight

We’re extremely excited to be able to showcase Vincent McCroy (or Vinny as we all call him) in our latest Team Member Spotlight.  Over the past few years at Mammoth,... Read More

Danielle Shuey – Team Member Spotlight

For 9 years, Danielle Shuey has been a dedicated team member at Mammoth Restoration.  During that time Danielle has worn many hats and filled various roles within the organization providing... Read More

Jon Vogt – Team Member Spotlight

Last year we set out on a strategic initiative to get more done with less. In order to do that, we had to go out and get high-performing team members... Read More

Alex Thayer – Team Member Spotlight

We’re incredibly proud to have Alex as a Team Member. He’s been with Mammoth for 6 years has proven incredibly valuable. Alex started as a part-time helper on jobs and... Read More

Wayne Wambold – Team Member Spotlight

Each month, we like to take a look at one of the key team members that have a great impact on Mammoth, fellow team members, and our customers.  Tomorrow will... Read More

Jen Meshyock – Team Member Spotlight

This month, April 16th to be exact will mark three years since Jen Meshyock has joined the Centralized Support team here at Mammoth Restoration.  Over the past three years, we’ve... Read More
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