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24/7 Emergency Service – Call 888.495.5211

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Firework Safety

4th of July is a day where we celebrate the thirteen colonies claiming their independence from England and more commonly a day where friends and family gather for food, music and beautiful firework displays across the country.  Many of us will also purchase consumer based fireworks to celebrate on our... Read More

The Easy Way to Create a Home Inventory

Welcome to the easy way to create a home inventory that every homeowner should consider. Picture yourself caught in the middle of a catastrophic event where you have to evacuate your... Read More

Summer Parties Happen. Don’t Let Them Be Summer Fires.

Summer parties are so much fun! You’ve got friends and family around, you light up the grill and start a campfire…but unless you take care to follow safety rules, that... Read More

Do You Know What To Do When Floods Happen?

When a disaster happens, it’s difficult to know what steps to take. But when you’re facing a flood, doing the right things as soon as you can makes a big... Read More

Make Safe Holidays Happen

The holidays are a special time filled with celebrations, family, and traditions. But without the proper precautions, those special traditions introduce special dangers. These tips will help keep your holidays... Read More

Preventing Fires from Happening

Even the smallest fire can cause massive damage. The best way to prevent that damage is to stop the fire before it ever starts. Electrical Fires There are several different... Read More
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