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Content Cleaning: Before We Arrive

Pennsylvania Content Cleaning Mammoth Restoration

Help Is On The Way:

You’ve called us and help is on the way, but what do you do with all the contents within your property that have been affected by fire, smoke, or water? Where do you start? Below is a list of a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of salvaging sentimental items and to ensure the process of content restoration is as smooth as possible:

What to do in Prep of our Content Cleaning Team Arriving:

  • Water Damage: Remove Wood furniture from sitting in standing water. (Put on blocks)
  • Water Damage: Wipe excess water from sitting on Wood Furniture
  • Identify any sentimental items that you wish to save regardless of restorability
  • Identify any sentimental items that need extra special care • Begin to gather a list of textiles you may want a rush return on
  • Remove any firearms or ammunition
  • Remove any private items that you do not want to be cleaned or inventoried

What to Avoid with your contents before we Arrive:

  • Fire Damage: Don’t try to clean/wipe soot from upholstered furniture. This can set the stains.
  • Fire Damage: Avoid tracking soot into unaffected areas.