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Content Cleaning: Understanding The Process

Content Cleaning Process - Label System by Mammoth Restoration

Mammoth Restoration is “Contents Made Simple”.

To help you understand the content cleaning process, we’ve put together a breakdown of the four phases of our content cleaning process following a loss on your property.


The 4 Phases of Contents:

Phase 1: Inventory & Packout

The packout is the initial inventory and packaging of your contents. We use a powerful software on mobile devices which allows us to capture detailed descriptions and photos of your special belongings. This is a detailed process and may take several days to complete. Each item is given a unique QR label this is used to track the contents throughout the process.

Phase 2: Processing

When your contents have been affected by fire, water, smoke, or odor, the contents will need to be processed in order to restore them to their condition before the loss occurred. Mammoth uses industry leading, state of the art, technology and cleaning methods to restore your contents.

Phase 3: Storage

Your personal belongings are important to us. We store your items in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse under the same roof as our processing facility. Each item and box has a specific inventory tag number that is attached to that item throughout the entire process. This inventory tag is scanned anytime your content is moved. This allows us to know where any piece of your content is at any time.

Phase 4: Packback

This step is the final phase. We will work to schedule the return of your items as soon as your repairs are complete and you are ready to return to your home.