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Contents Tracking: View Your Items In Real Time

Contents Tracking Mammoth Restoration Overview 2

Track Your Belongings

Tracking your belongings throughout the content cleaning process is just one way that Mammoth Restoration is contents made simple!

During a packback Mammoth’s professional team of content cleaning specialists will take photos and inventory your items by assigning each item a QR code. Once your items arrive at our state of the art cleaning facility you will be provided with a link to create an account within our tracking software. As each item moves through our process of cleaning, storing, and delivery the status will be documented and displayed for you and your insurance provider.


Our tracking software allows you to:

  • View the inventory of your items.
  • See before and after images of your items as they are cleaned
  • Track the progress of your contents
  • Request special priority or advanced delivery of specific items.

ContentsTrack Mammoth Restoration Overview 3

ContentsTrack Mammoth Restoration Overview