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Emergency Restoration Services For Churches

Emergency Restoration Services for Churches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Nationwide.

24/7 Emergency Restoration Services for Churches 

Mammoth Restoration specializes in emergency services and the restoration of churches after fires, floods, and other catastrophes. While the damage may be contained within the beautiful walls of your church, the impact of closing your doors can be felt across your community. At Mammoth Restoration, churches hold a special place in our hearts, mission, and even in our business name, as you can find the cross used as the “T” in Mammoth.  Our certified technicians will be focused on restoring, cleaning, and protecting the intricate woodwork, stone, glass, artwork, and other unique materials that make your church so special.  We will develop a plan with church officials to minimize disruptions to services, schools, charity work, and other activities that are so vital to your community.  When you work with Mammoth Restoration after any disaster, you can expect the following:

Certified Technicians

IICRC & ICRA Certified - Mammoth Restoration puts an emphasis on the education, training, and certifications of our technicians to ensure that all industry-standard guidelines are met.


Large, skilled crews in excess of 100+ are available and ready to go within 24 hours to minimize the interruption to your business.

Right Equipment For The Job

Large desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, new equipment, and tractor trailers locked and loaded with supplies are ready to dispatch immediately.


OSHA Certified - Safety is always a priority on Mammoth job sites. Ensuring that federal, state, and local regulations are followed is paramount.

Industry Leading Technology

Documentation is key! With 360 virtual tours, moisture mapping software, and job link portals for live updates - you can ensure that Mammoth is delivering the best possible experience.


Countless people depend on your weekly service, charitable efforts, and other activities.  We know that we’re not just restoring the physical walls of your church after property damage,  we’re restoring a community.  At Mammoth, restoration is in our DNA, and we’re committed to delivering the best possible restoration experience that includes:


Minimizing Interruption To Your Services 

Whether you experience a major fire that affects your entire sanctuary or a broken pipe that floods a room or two, our goal is the same.  We will work with church officials to prioritize opening your doors again.


Proper Documentation

Regardless of whether you are self-insured or submitting an insurance claim, you can count on Mammoth Restoration to thoroughly document every loss. 360 tours, moisture mapping software, progress reports, and virtual links with live updates to your job


Next Level-Communication 

With so many stakeholders involved and countless questions from your community – communication is the key to reducing anxiety during an already stressful time.  At Mammoth, we understand that keeping everyone up to date on the work being done, the plan for the next steps, and addressing any unforeseen challenges head-on is critical to your experience.


A Clean & Safe Worksite

Restoration and construction projects in your church can present safety risks to your staff and congregation.  We follow all federal, state, and local guidelines to ensure a safe worksite.  We will work with church officials to ensure proper permitting, parking, dumpster locations, and proper containment needed to limit secondary cleanup and unsafe access.


Emergency Restoration Services For Churches


FLOODS HAPPEN: When you experience water damage you need professional help and you need it fast! You need experts who know how to quickly fix the problem and prevent further damage. Mammoth will show up within 2 hours and get you back to normal ASAP.

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Fire & Smoke

FIRES HAPPEN: You’ve just been through one of the scariest experiences of your life. Now it’s time to rebuild. You need an expert team who knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Mammoth provides all the services you need under one umbrella.

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MOLD HAPPENS: Mold will take over your home or business quickly exposing potentially harmful health conditions. You can trust the experts at Mammoth to be on the scene fast to help with mold removal and prevent new future growth.

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Biohazard & Trauma

BIOHAZARDS HAPPEN: When hazardous materials or biological agents need cleaning and decontamination, trust our experts to provide the thorough, careful service you deserve.

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Storm Damage

STORMS HAPPEN: Storms can be unexpected and cause damage quickly. Mammoth's multiple locations allow us to mobilize and help your commercial or residential property after a tornado, hurricane, flood or isolated thunderstorm.

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Large Loss

DISASTERS HAPPEN When disaster hits a business, you need to recover fast. Limit your business interruption by letting Mammoth help you get back to normal, so you can get back to business.

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Content Cleaning

CLEAN-UP HAPPENS Bring your priceless items back to life with our content cleaning team. Whether it's removing soot and smoke damage or an accidental drink spill, Mammoth offers deep cleaning options to make your items look new again.

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CONSTRUCTION HAPPENS Show up on time. Do a great job. Communicate well. Stand behind your work. If that’s what you want in a contractor, look no further than Mammoth.

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Business Continuity Plan

The best defense is a good offense.

Speak with an expert at Mammoth Restoration about creating a disaster plan for your facility and ensuring you're prioritized during widespread events.