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Mold Remediation: Understanding The Process

Mold Remediation by Mammoth Restoration

Mold Remediation: Understanding the Process

While every mold remediation job differs depending on the conditions of the job, we’ve outlined the process taken when dealing with mold in your business or home.

  • Step 1: Call a Certified Industrial Hygienist or Mold Inspector. They will determine if it is mold and write a protocol for proper remediation.
  • Step 2: Call Mammoth Restoration – 888-495-5211. The sooner we can assess the damage, the better off you will be. Mold doesn’t take long to grow and can spread rapidly in the right environment.
  • Step 3: Our Mold Specialist will reach out to you to get more details on your specific situation. The more information we can get up front, the better equipped we will be onsite.
  • Step 4: Inspection and Assessment of Affected Areas: During this step, a Mammoth Restoration professional will evaluate your loss and provide you will a quote to take care of the loss.
  • Step 5: Mold Abatement and treatment: In many cases, some materials are not salvageable and need to be removed. Once that is completed, the technician will treat and clean the affected area.
  • Step 6: Restoration: The final step in Mold Remediation is the construction needed to bring your property back to normal.