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Make Safe Holidays Happen

The holidays are a special time filled with celebrations, family, and traditions. But without the proper precautions, those special traditions introduce special dangers. These tips will help keep your holidays... Read More

Preventing Fires from Happening

Even the smallest fire can cause massive damage. The best way to prevent that damage is to stop the fire before it ever starts. Electrical Fires There are several different... Read More

Preventing Water Damage

One of the most devastating events you can face is a flood. Whether it’s Mother Nature or faulty plumbing, there are several ways to minimize the possibility of damage. Keep... Read More

Protect Your Home When Long Trips Happen

It’s the holiday season – travel time! Whether you’re going to grandma’s house or taking a vacation somewhere warm and sunny, these tips will help you protect your home while... Read More

House Fire: The Derugen’s Story

When a car hit a utility pole outside their house, a wire fell and created an electric surge into the home of Sam and Kristine Derugen. Although the fire was... Read More

Team Member of the Month: February 2018 – Alex Vigh

I would like to congratulate Alex Vigh for being recognized by his peers and being voted for the Mammoth Team Member of the Month. Ever since Alex has been here... Read More
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