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Understanding The Repair Process

Restoration Repair Process

Understanding the Repair Process

We, along with your insurance company, are here to get your property put back to the way things were prior to the loss. It’s important to understand that this process will be an inconvenience to your daily life and that life will not feel completely normal again until our crews are done. Please stay calm and try to understand that this is a process and that things WILL be normal again.

We are experts in putting people’s homes and lives back together, but more importantly, WE CARE! We are sorry that this happened to you, and we will be working very hard to support you. It’s what we do!

Now that Mammoth’s Mitigation Team has done their job, it’s time to put your business or home back together. As a property owner, understanding the repair process is important. We’ve outlined a step by step guides for the “put back” of your property.

Identifying Your Team

The first step in the repair process will be identifying the team that will ensure the repair process for your property is filled next level communication, quality and the fastest way back to normal. The following contacts will be identified for you.

Team Coordinator

The Team Coordinator will be your single point of contact making sure that you are always in the loop and aware of the next steps in your project.  If you have any questions throughout the process your team coordinator is dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience with Mammoth so that you become a “cheerleader customer” and tell others the amazing work we did for you.

Project Manager

Your project manager is in charge of the day to day operations once your project is underway.  Ordering the proper supplies, materials and working on your property.



An estimator will be assigned to you and handle the scope and estimate the cost of your project during the initial phase of work.  Estimators will also handle the communication with your insurance company to make sure that repairs, materials and the labor involved are covered in your policy.

Scope of Work

Stage I: Determining the Scope of Work

During this phase, our Project Manager will perform a walk through with the main stakeholders (facilities manager, adjuster, tenants, agent, risk manager, safety officer etc.) making sure that all parties are on the same page and proper expectations are set. This step may seem like it goes slowly, but is the most important part of the process and ensures you get everything you are entitled to under your policy.

Stage II: Planning & Material Selections

This phase starts immediately after the walkthrough and requires input from the client for material selections. An effective material selection process is critical and often underappreciated part of the project. It speeds up budgeting and the coordination of material deliveries; resulting in a faster completion.

Stage III: Communication & Project Management

Once the schedule is set, the restoration of your property will begin right away and our team will be executing the agreed upon scope of work. Depending on your preference, we will provide daily or weekly progress reports to all the stakeholders ensuring everyone is on the same page. This significantly reduces anxiety for each stakeholder and dramatically reduces the number of phones calls trying to get information, which allows stakeholders to tend to other pressing matters associated with a loss and reduce their business interruption.

Stage IV: Final Walkthrough

On the last significant day on the project, we will perform a final walkthrough with all interested stakeholders and agree upon a final punch list items. At the end of this stage, the work is completed and we celebrate your business being able to function like normal.


Your Project Manager will start out onsite with you determining all the work that needs to be done in order to get your property back to normal.  Working alongside your assigned estimator we will compile an estimated cost, timeline and gameplan for your specific project.

Determining Coverage and Approval

During this step, our team will communicate with your insurance agent and adjuster (when applicable) to verify our scope of work aligns with your insurance coverage, determine deductibles and any other out of pocket items that need to be covered as well as getting an approval to start the project.

*Please note that an approval from the insurance adjuster or responsible party is needed in order to start the project.

Material Selections

With most construction/repair jobs, there will be certain materials that you, as the property owner, will have to select such as paint color, flooring, or bathroom fixtures. We can only put you on the schedule once all materials selections are made. You need to write your selection down and get it to your Team Coordinator. This is imperative to start the job as some items may need to be special ordered, which could take several weeks.

Content Moving and Storage

So your house needs repairs and the room needs to be cleared. You’re probably wondering what happens to my stuff? There’s no need to worry about this. Mammoth will take care of everything regarding your content. We will photograph, archive, clean, deodorize, move, and store any of your belongings that were able to be salvaged in a secure facility. We will also provide you with a list of both the salvageable and non-salvageable items for your records. All of this will be done with our state of the art software to ensure that your personal belongings are taken care of properly.

The content portion of the work will be going on in conjunction with the repairs to your property, so your salvageable contents will be cleaned and ready for you once it’s time to move in. Once your property is put back together, we will bring all of your possessions back to you!

More information on our Contents Division can be found under our services section.


Once the previous steps are put in place the physical work begins.  Our team will be on site restoring your property and providing excellent communication to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Final Walkthrough

As your property is being put back together, you may see a few details that aren’t exactly as you want them. Any time you notice an imperfection, let us know. Our goal is to have your home exactly as it was, and you’re the expert on your home. Once the repair work is completed, a walkthrough will be performed. During the walkthrough, we’ll create what’s called a “Punch list”; a list of all the little things that need to be addressed for you to be completely satisfied with our work. Take as much time as you need during this walkthrough – once the punch list is completed, we can’t schedule anything else.

Items To Note


Over the years, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that the key to any successful project is COMMUNICATION. Because of this, we ask that any decision that needs to be made (material selection, change orders, etc.) flow through one point of contact, your team coordinator. Just like you know to go to your Team Coordinator, we need to know who to go to when we have questions for you. Should it be you, your brother, your spouse/partner….you tell us! Talk it over as much as you like, but make sure that you’ve got someone designated to give us a final answer.

Avoiding Change Orders

We want your project to turn out exactly how you’re imagining it. We’ll change whatever you want, but once the contract is signed those changes will cause delays due to scheduling adjustments, planning, and ordering materials. It will also result in a change order fee of $250 per change. Making it happen is not a problem, but any changes that are made must be put in writing. It’s important to realize that any responsibility for delays in completion and/or additional charges resulting from these changes lie solely with you, the property owner.

Please understand that if an estimated time frame for completion was given to you at the beginning of the job, that time frame may be pushed back due to the extra work that may be involved.

Powering Your Project

Throughout the restoration and repair process, you may notice that our crews may be plugging in a lot of things (fans, dehumidifiers, power tools, etc.) while working on your property. You may start to wonder “How much will this raise my monthly power bill?” And that’ll probably lead you to wonder, “Who’s going to pay for all of this?”

Don’t worry, if this is an insurance related claim, give your adjuster a call and he or she will most likely tell you that your insurance company will reimburse you for any extra monies spent on utilities. Each insurance company handles things differently, but it’s usually just a matter of comparing the difference between your past and current bills.

Jobsite Cleanliness

Mammoth employees, along with all sub-contractors that are hired by us, are held to a higher standard of cleanliness. At the end of each day we will clean up the job site so you’re not tripping over things if you happen to stop by.

Please understand that while we are working in your property, it is still an active job site so there will be some dust and debris. But we will always do our best to keep your property as clean and neat at possible throughout the time we are working.

Is Something Bothering You

The difference between Mammoth and The Other Guys is simple: WE CARE! We want you to be happy and have things done the way YOU want them. If there is something that is bothering you about our staff, the workmanship or anything at all, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We do extraordinary work, but we’re not-mind readers. If you don’t tell us what’s bothering you, we can’t fix it!


Although we love animals, it’s imperative to make certain all pets are secured someplace away from the work areas and access routes. Your pet may be very well behaved for you but may act differently towards one of us. This is a chance we don’t want to take. Please help keep your pets (and us!) safe by following the aforementioned guidelines.