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Storm Damage: What To Do?

What To Do with Storm Damage

Help is on the way quick, but are you aware of the hidden dangers that the recent storm has created?  Storm damage can come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether your property has suffered from structural damage, water damage or fire-related damage, safety should be your main concern. Use these tips to ensure your properties & personal safety until we get there!


What to Do After Experiencing Storm Damage:

  • Be careful. Between the damage itself, a structure may be full of hidden hazards after a storm.  The first question you should ask yourself is if your property is safe enough to enter as damage to your roof or walls may have weakened the structural stability.
  • Be cautious of any electrical hazards.  Wear rubber-soled footwear.
  • If water damage is present follow the water tips listed here.
  • If fire damage is present follow fire tips listed here.   


What Not to Do After Experiencing Storm Damage:

  • Never enter unsafe areas
  • Never use a home vacuum in attempt to remove water
  • Minimize tracking water or soot into unaffected areas.