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Subcontractors Needed

Why Work For Mammoth?

Love helping others?  Take pride in the quality of your work? Do you do exactly what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it and expect the same in return?  If you answered “Yes” to all those questions then being a subcontractor for Mammoth Restoration sounds like the perfect fit.  At Mammoth, we come to the rescue for those in our community that have experienced property damage from water, fire, smoke, mold, and more.  We meet our customers at the absolute worst possible moment and are key in restoring not only their property but their lives as fast as possible.  At Mammoth our culture is everything – Learn more about “Why” we do what we do in the Mammoth Manifesto.





Volume Of Work

Mammoth Restoration’s commitment to culture, quality of work, and customer service has driven continued growth that leads to stable year-round work for our team and subcontractors.  If you’re looking to fill your calendar with work, we have the jobs.



Clear Work Orders

Never be confused by what work should be done or where your job stop.  Our subcontractors are given and sign off on printed work orders with individual line items for the work required for each job.

Click Here to see a Work Order example.



Upfront Pricing

Ever have a discrepancy in what you thought you were getting paid for the work you were doing?  At Mammoth, your itemized work order will consist of your scope of work and comes along with an agreed-upon price for the work to be completed.



Virtual Tours

Our virtual tour links allow you to visually see the job site and align it with your scope of work, saving you travel time and allowing you to prep accordingly.

Click Here to See an example of a Virtual tour.



Purchase Order

Need to get paid for the work you completed?  Since your work and price have been agreed upon upfront, turning in your work order as a purchase order streamlines the administrative side of your business and allows you to focus on what you do best.



Quick Payment

At Mammoth Restoration, we believe in quick payment. We know that cash flow is important in running your business, that’s why we cut checks every week for completed and approved work.



Becoming A Subcontractor

Interested in working with Mammoth?  We’ve tried to make the process of becoming a subcontractor as easy as possible.  We’ve outlined the process below.


STEP – 1 

Click the link below to fill out and complete our digital sub-contractor packet.

STEP – 2 

Obtain or Make a Digital copy of your Certificate of Insurance (C.O.I.) to attach in the packet.  Please Note: General Liability and Workers Compensation is Required. 

STEP – 3 

By signing and completing the packet – It will automatically be sent to our administrative staff to process your application, add you to our system, and notify our production teams in your area. (1 business day)

STEP – 4

The Office Manager or Project Manager from your location will reach back out to you within 7 business days to schedule a meeting.





Subcontractors Needed

Labor & Demo

Labor & Demolition Jobs big and small alike, we're always looking for help on projects. If you're a "gritty" worker, we'd love to work with you! Download and submit a subcontractor packet today.

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Electrician Install and repair electrical wiring, systems, and fixtures in both commercial and residential settings. Submit your subcontractor packet today!

Go to Electrician


Masonry Can you own a masonry project from start to finish? We'd love to hear from you. Submit your subcontractor packet today.

Go to Masonry


Roofing In our line of work, roof repairs come daily. Tarp, install, repair, and replace roofing in residential and commercial arenas. Fill out a subcontractor packet today!

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Drywall Are you skilled at hanging drywall and finishing? We have more than enough work to keep you busy! Download subcontractor packet today.

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Painter Interior & exterior - commercial & residential - We have painting work available year-round. If you're an experienced painter, download & submit your subcontractor packet today.

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Carpentry Commercial and residential carpenters are needed. If you take pride in your work and your quality of work in first class, we'd love to work with you.

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Plumbing Can you perform assigned piping & plumbing installations with ease? Download and submit a subcontractor packet today.

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